The Found Vagabond

How to be Inspired, Driven and Fulfilled by Travel

Scaling the most spiritually important peak in Sri Lanka, in the dead of the night, surrounded by thousands of pilgrims...

Fishing for piranha with members of a Maroon tribe in the depths of the Amazon jungle...

Flying with your lover to an enchanting Caribbean island for lunch...

Coming face to face with great white sharks during a vicious Atlantic storm...

Introducing The Found Vagabond!

Inspired by years spent living in 13 different countries and traveling to over 80 on five continents, author Kris Olson has a story to tell.

Part travel guide, part memoir, The Found Vagabond is an insightful and exciting chronicle of one man's lifetime dedication to travel, and the life changing benefits of exploring the world, from one's backyard, to the some of the most remote locations on the planet.

Travel can be eye-opening, awe-inspiring, life-fulfilling and simply amazing. Travel brings strangers together, breaks down your inhibitions, shatters your stereotypes and opens your mind to limitless possibility.  Yet, real risks exist out there on the road and there are actions you can take to ensure your travels are safe, fulfilling, rewarding and unforgettable.

From novice traveler to rugged explorer, The Found Vagabond offers inspiration and insight for any reader interested in travel, delivered in a humorous and entertaining style.


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