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Is the Found Vagabond available in a digital format for my mobile device?

Yes, when you click "Buy Now" it will take you to PayPal where the digital versions can be purchased for $2.99. 

Is the Found Vagabond available in the regular bound and printed format?

Yes. If you live in Canada I can ship you a signed copy, contact me at kris(a) If you are in the US it can be purchased through for $15.99 or less.

You may also be able to get it through one of the Amazon country specific sites, such as,, or through any of the major book stores as a special order.

How much is delivery for the regular printed form and how long does it take?

I can have it shipped to you in Canada within a week for $15.99 plus $4 for shipping. If you purchase through an Amazon site, they often offer free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount. They also may offer different shipping options, such as expedited shipping, which will cost more but get it to you faster. Please refer to for more details.

When I click "Buy Now" what version will I receive?

The one price of $2.99 gives you three separate digital file versions, which will cover all mobile devices. These three versions are:

1. Mobi - for Kindle

2. ePub - this is the industry standard and used for most devices, such as Ipad/Iphone, Android devices, Barnes & Noble Nook, Borders Kobo, Sony Reader, and so on .

3. PDF - this is the standard Adobe pdf version and can be used for printing to your home pc, reading on a computer, and will also work on most eReaders.

After I click "Buy Now" how do I get my file?

The "Buy Now" button will first take you to Paypal. If you have a Paypal account, you can use it to purchase the book, but if you don't, then you can also just pay by credit card.

After your payment is accepted, you will be given a link which says "Click here to receive my digital product" and from here you will be taken to a download page where you can select which of the three files you need, or all of them if you want, and save it to your pc or mobile device.

At time of purchase, an email will also be sent to you containing the download links.

Are the digital files locked to my one device?

No, they can be used on multiple devices. I don't believe in locking down ebooks with Digital Rights Management (DRM). If you like the book, please encourage your friends to purchase a copy for themselves...and one for their mom too.

I loved the book! How can I help get the word out?

If you loved it, then tell your friends! I do not have a large marketing budget (or any marketing budget, really) so am relying on word-of-mouth. Do a Facebook update. Send out a Tweet. Email your contact list with a link to  Go on Oprah and tell the world how marvellous the book is.

One of the best things you can do to support this book is a "Customer Review" on, as positive reviews here help to generate more sales.  You will be my best friend forever if you do this.  Click here to submit a customer review.

Thanks in advance for your support!





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