Where we go....Chicago  

We can't really say that we are very knowledgeable about Chicago but we did have a great time during the 3 days we were staying there at our friend Mike's place.  Luckily our short trip was during the 16th Annual Jazz Festival, and it was excellent.  If you are looking for a time to go this is as good as any.  It is in mid July and the weather is  great.  We did find some little gems that we think we should mention:


General: This little place made our trip. It has a great patio   and the food is excellent and reasonably priced.  The crowd is young and hip but not too young.  This restaurant sits on the corner of a downtown street, but is enough off the beaten path that it is still nice to sit outside.  The service was wonderful.
Price:  $10-$15 US pp (not including alcohol)
Location:  1500 W Taylor St., Downtown Chicago

Blues Bars

Blue Chicago (two Locations)
General: These are exactly the kind of bars you were expecting to find in Chicago.  Smoky, lots of people, crusty old bluesman on the stage and mucho cheap cervezas.  Plus they are both decorated with these unique paintings of blues singers that will stick in your memory for a long time.  
Location: Not sure, taxi's will know

Places Not To Go

Michael Jordan's Crappy Restaurant
General: Just as cheesy and overpriced as you would expect.   There is another place close to there with a jungle theme and a gigantic frog on the roof.  Keep driving.  We went to the Frog place after being refused a beer in a different place for not having ID at the tender age of 27.  Don't ever, ever forget your ID when you go out to the bars in the States.  For some reason they have a real problem with that.  It is easier to buy handguns than beer.  But I prefer beer.



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